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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

***March 24, 2007: Primavera***

Behind the Ferry Plaza
San Francisco, CA 94111
Saturday 8am-2pm
A long line or a packed dining room pretty reliably signals good food. Of course, there are plenty of exceptions for tourist traps, over hyped spots, and cheap finds. Primavera, however, is not one of those exceptions. Primavera’s line at the Saturday morning Ferry Plaza farmers’ market is typically only outdone by the Blue Bottle fanatics waiting for their caffeine jolt.
I learned about Primavera from a friend of mine who is an ex-Chez Panisse chef and frequently braves the line in order to get what he claims ‘may be the best Mexican breakfast in the Bay Area’. Primavera’s breakfasts are definitely my favorite, but I also highly recommend their chi chi Rodriguez drink and the tamales which change to reflect the seasons. Today I made it to the farmers’ market too late for breakfast, but definitely just in time for lunch.
I ordered the taco al pastor which came with piles of perfectly spicy pork, slices of pineapple, radishes, chunky salsa, and a squeeze of lime. Obviously a very Californian interpretation of Mexican food, but I was so happy with the fresh, handmade tortilla and inventive, flavorful fillings that I didn’t have time to worry about the taco’s lack of authenticity. Clearly my fellow farmers’ market visitors who also waited patiently at Primavera didn’t have time to worry either.


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