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Saturday, February 17, 2007

***February 17, 2007: 71 Irving***

71 Irving Place
71 Irving Pl
New York, NY 10003
Part of my New York routine is to spend a morning in Union Square browsing the Greenmarket and eating at 71 Irving Place. I was happy to see that even in February there were quite a few produce stalls at the market in addition to cheese and jam. Since I didn’t have a kitchen to cook in, I forced myself to just look at the beautiful root vegetables. I only bought a cup of hot cider (not too sweet, with a few pieces of floating apples) before heading the couple blocks to 71 Irving.
71 Irving was packed and lively as always. I love the café’s modern yet classic décor (just what a New York café should look like!). I was trying to save calories for my trip to Babbo that night, so I somehow resisted the amazing fruit topped waffles and Balthazar pastries. Instead I had tea, a bowl of mixed berries, and a Greek yogurt that I added honey and cinnamon too. I finally got a table after about 10 minutes and sat down to enjoy my breakfast. It’s obvious why there are never any free tables – if I didn’t have a schedule to keep I would have stayed there all day!


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