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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

***August 30, 2005: Sahn Maru***

After trying some amazing Korean food on the east coast, I decided that I needed to see what the east bay had to offer. Based on chowhound reviews, I settled on lunch at Sahn Maru and dragged my favorite adventurous dinning companion.

My favorite part of going to Korean restaurants is always the little side dishes that come with the meal. Sahn Maru gives you maybe 10 little dishes, my favorites of which were the kimchi and the fish cakes (but I didn't have complaints for any of them!).

I ordered the bi bim bap - it was a very generous serving, the vegetables were fresh, and the sauce was nicely spiced. I ended up taking home about half of it in a little to go container and having it for lunch the next day! My friend had the spicy bbq chicken. I was pleasantly surprised by the chicken which I was afraid was going to be too saucy or fatty - instead it was perfectly flavored and cooked. It might be a bit unorthodox, but I really wanted to add it to my bi bim bap!

To top it all off the prices were very reasonable and the service was helpful and quick. I'd be surprised if there is a better Korean restaurant in the East Bay!


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