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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

***June 14, 2006: Yank Sing***

Yank Sing
101 Spear St.
San Francisco, CA
Every time I go to Yank Sing I remember just how much I love dim sum. Once again I forgot to bring my camera, so I just wanted to quickly recap on my lunch today. Based on recommendations, I decided to mostly order steamed items and tried really hard to avoid getting everything that passed on those little carts. My favorite of the day was definitely the pea shoot dumplings (looked like spinach in a pot sticker shaped dumpling but more flavorful and light), closely followed by the shrimp gow (little round dumplings with large balls of chopped shrimp). We also sampled the chicken mushroom dumplings which were just fine, the BBQ pork buns (a personal favorite of mine and I LOVE Yank Sing’s version), and the special crab cakes (steamed and light with a good chili sauce). The only disappointment was the peking duck which was bland and fatty and the skin wasn’t crispy enough. I’m usually a fan of peking duck so I was surprised and let down by this dish. All is well that ends well though and since I am officially obsessed with the coconut cream roll (a sweet rice roll with custard filling and coconut on the outside – see picture) I left a very happy customer.

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